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Topic: modifiable delay on soundcard output

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I love AtomixMp3! I have made back the money I spent on it very quickly doing dj-ing around Edinburgh (people seem to love the idea of me turning up with a laptop!)

However - here's a feature that I *need* to make it really work.... I use two different soundcards (one internal to the laptop, the other an external USB thing). Problem is that the latency on each card is different... this means I can't beat mix using headphones ('cos its nearly a second out!). All I need is to have an option to add a delay (in ms or whatever) to one of the sound card outputs so I can manually adjust to make the latency the same on both cards....

Please? pretty please?

Thanks! DoubleWah

Inviato Thu 03 May 01 @ 1:47 pm

second that in a big way!!!

i use two different types of cards also and have the same problem. even the visual matching doesnt line up, so i'm "in the habit" of trying to do the offset myself.


Inviato Thu 10 May 01 @ 6:14 pm

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