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Some Kill switches would be great in your program,
mix more like a pro then

Inviato Wed 09 May 01 @ 11:34 pm
i'm sure i'm repeating what many others have already said here but i cant be bothered reading 3 pages of suggestions so here goes:

1) the bpm counter is great for techno, house and some trance, pretty much shite for anything else. what i would suggest is to make use of the awesome graphical beat matching interface in this program to get a very accurate bpm reading: first you would set a cue point at a downbeat, then you would set another one a few bars later (you would of course need multiple cue points for this). then you just tell the program how many beats are between the cue points, and a very simple algorithm would give you a very accurate bpm count which would work for any kind of music, not just music with a dominant 4-4 kick drum. i use this method already using cool edit, but it would be nice to have it integrated into atomix so you didnt have to open up cool edit every time you got a new track

2) multiple cue points per deck to enable lots of different looping possibilities

3) this might be pushing it a bit, but the ability to output midi timecode would be great, you could just have a click track as a sort of 3rd track in the mix with the tempo controlled by a master tempo slider, then you could get things like fruity loops or reason into the mix as well as prerecorded mp3s =)~~~ *drool*

4) some more keyboard shortcuts would be nice

5) vst support? cause most winamp plugins i've used are all fairly standard with no great scope for experimentation

6) being able to zoom in and out on the beat display would be nice, you could zoom in to get your cue points really spot-on (useful for the bpm count i suggested), or zoom out to get a better look at the overall track once you've got it nice and tight in the mix

great program nonetheless, but hey there's no such thing as perfection is there? =)

Inviato Wed 16 May 01 @ 2:28 pm

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