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Topic: What is Atomix purpose?

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I touched on this in another message and would love to get the author's feedback on this:

What is Atomix true purpose as you see it? Is it to replicate the entire bag of mixing tools (turntables, mixer, sampler, etc.) and pump the sound out to an amp? Or is it as a tool to be used in conjunction with external tools such as a mixer?

Make sense? I see alot of requests for additions that I would never really want in Atomix. For example, controls for the hi-med-low (and associative kill switchs) are something that most decent mixers have (and being hardware they work REALLY well) - so this is a feature that many users have no use for.

Maybe this warrants the need for multiple versions or a modular version where you can rid yourself of the extras and just use the Atomix program to spin your tunes and output them to your mixer?



Inviato Wed 30 May 01 @ 5:44 pm
Yan-XPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
hé hé! we have think a lot on this too!
For the moment we are developping only one version but for the futur we have planned to release a pro version for real Djs (I mean people who have already a mixer, and so on...) Of course the pro version will introduce new exclusives features

But for the moment it is ONLY a project.

Inviato Wed 30 May 01 @ 6:59 pm

so, for the meantime, you are going to waste all the development efforts on stuff like skins?

i am sad about this. like winamp, they wasted so much effort on making it look pretty they didnt develop the core much at all.


i am going to write my own software soon, because i am so frustrated at the development speed of atomixmp3.

i guess you guys have other stuff going on in your lives and this is not a real software company, but rather, someones 'hobby'.


Inviato Thu 31 May 01 @ 8:19 pm

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