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Skin SDK: The <menu> element

Defines an area on your screen, where a menu will be offered when clicked and also defines the content of this menu.

The syntax of the menu element is <menu> and has no attributes.

  • <pos x="" y="" /> : Give the position top-left X,Y pos of the area on the screen where the menu will be offered when clicked. Read further in Skin Element Position
  • <size width="" height="" /> : Give the width and height of the area on the screen where the menu will be offered when clicked.

    Graphics : You can either point to a part in your skin image using x,y coordinates ...
  • <up x="" y="" /> : Give the coordinate of the graphic to use while the menu is not displayed
  • <over x="" y="" /> : Give the coordinate of the graphic to use when mouse is over the menu area
  • <down x="" y="" /> : Give the coordinate of the graphics to use while the menu is displayed

    ..or using vector graphics in your xml ...
    <up shape="" color="" border="" border_size="" radius="" gradient="" color2=""/>
    (and same for <down> and <over>. See Skin button

    Menu Items:
  • <item text="" action="" check="" hascheck="" visibility="" /> : Use an item child for each item offered from the menu. The item child has the following parameters.[list]
  • text="" : Provide the displayed text of the menu item. Have text="-" to display a separator line in your menu, instead of an item
  • action="" : Provide a VDJ Script action that will be executed when the menu item is clicked.
  • hascheck="" : If set to true (default value) , the menu item will offer a check-mark depending of the true/false status of the action or the check parameters. If hascheck is set to false, then no check-mark will be offered for the menu item, regardless the status of the action and check parameters..
  • check="" : A check-mark will be displayed at the left side of the menu item, if the action of the check parameter returns true. If no check parameter is provided, the check-mark will be displayed if the action parameter returns true.
  • visibility="": Provide a VDJ Script action that returns true|false to show/hide a menu item under certain conditions.

[*]<submenu text="" > : A menu can have nested menus. Use the submenu child to nest other items

Example : The following code ...
<pos y="315" x="324"/>
<size width="14" height="14"/>
<off y="1683" x="757"/>
<over y="1683" x="777"/>
<down y="1683" x="777"/>
<item text="Edit CUEs and POIs..." action="edit_poi" hascheck="false"/>
<item text="Read-only (Lock)" action="lock_cues" hascheck="true"/>
<item text="Smart Cue" action="smart_cue" hascheck="true"/>
<item text="Quantize on Set" action="quantize_setcue" hascheck="true"/>
<item text="-"/>
<submenu text="Display mode">
<item text="Cue number" action="cue_display 'number'" hascheck="true"/>
<item text="Name" action="cue_display 'name'" hascheck="true"/>
<item text="Time Pos" action="cue_display 'position'" hascheck="true"/>
<item text="Time left" action="cue_display 'distance'" hascheck="true"/>
<item text="Beats left" action="cue_display 'beat'" hascheck="true"/>

... provides the following menu when the gray dot is clicked.

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