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Improved version of my flanger.
v2.0 Capabilities:
_ Volume
_ Base delay
_ Added/flanging delay
_ Flanger phase (to start where you want, or to align the flanger)
_ Stereo separation (for the rotating effect)
_ Variable flanger length (1/65536 to 65536 beats)
_ Polarity of delay
_ Flanger or Jet modes
_ Reset button to don't get lost
_ Linear interpolating between samples (to avoid bad scaling, but cuts very high frequencies a bit)
_ Separation done between backward delay (default) and forward delay (special)

v2.1 (April 4th, 2010): updated by djcel with the new SDK for PC & mac
v2.2 (April 5th, 2010): code improved

If there are bugs of any sort, or really interesting suggestions to improve it (only things which deal with flangers/jets), please visit my blog ( and contact me.