MixStation (controler optimised) (reworked for virtual dj 4)

Nome: MixStation (controler optimised) (reworked for virtual dj 4)
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i found the orginal version of this skin for virtual dj 1.5 abandoned and useless with v4 and have adapted it and added new graphics :) This Skin Provides Quick Fire acess to all samples from the base of virtual dj on all tabs useful for radio stations and controler users or if you like to use samples in your mix and dont want to have to keep changing tabs such as the uc33 mixtable its optimised for use with controlers , such as dm2 , mk2 , nuo4 which have their own crossfader aslo great if you use keyboard shortcuts to fade it has a quick acess to eq simply click the eq number and move your mouse right to increase and left to decrease now contains xml version 4 for full compatabilty with virtual dj 4 I hope you like its my first attempt at skin work :) i will add more varients in the graphics soon