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Topic: Use DJ Hero controller as a "controller" in VDJ? - Page: 1
kao1LE userMember since 2007
Hey guys. Would it be possible to use a DJ Hero Turntable Controller as a Turntable/controller for Virtual DJ? I was gifted one of these, and want to see if I can use it instead of buying an expensive turntable for VDJ. (The DJ Hero controller is USB.)

Inviato Sun 22 Nov 09 @ 5:01 pm
Though it does support MIDI according to the posts online ... it is a toy. The controller is impractical for a person serious about being a DJ.

If there is support provided, it will be done by users and made available by users in our download area.

Inviato Sun 22 Nov 09 @ 7:05 pm

No, you cannot use DJ Hero controller to control VirtualDJ, except if Activision releases a dedicated MIDI driver.

I have connected a PS3 DJ Hero controller on a Windows PC and DJ Hero controller is seen as a HID controller in Windows, but:
- only 4 push buttons are fully active (3 push buttons of the jog wheel + 1 push button on the 'mixer') , these push buttons send the same commands as the 4 buttons square, triangle, circle and X of a PS3 gamepad
- the crossfader and the rotary encoder send no data in Windows HID panel (they are declared as X and Y axis, but they send no HID figure, so they need a driver)
- turning the jog wheel sends to the HID panel the rotational speed (Z first or second axis depending whether you connect the jog wheel on lft or right of the mixer).

The information sent by the jog wheel is the rotational speed, not the information a jog wheel should send to a real DJ software (if you assign such information to control a DJ software jog wheel, when you put a finger in position A on the jog wheel, turn fast the jog wheel to a position B, and come back slower with the jog wheel to position A, the cursor won't be back it its original position in the audio track).

So if Activision releases a dedicated MIDI driver for Windows, DJ Hero controller may become a useable to control a DJ software in Windows, but for the moment, with no driver, even if you add an HID to MIDI converter to drive your DJ software
- the crossfader and rotary encoder are disabled in Windows,
- the data sent by the jog wheel in Windows is not relevant.

Inviato Tue 24 Nov 09 @ 10:57 am
DJ iing is not a game. Its a passion for many. If you want to get into the game, you have to get the appropriate type of equipment. The software writters spend alot of time and work hard fixing issues for real dj controllers.

Inviato Fri 27 Nov 09 @ 11:11 pm
Yes, you can also play guitar with a Guitar Hero controller. Rock on, ROCKSTAR!

Inviato Sat 28 Nov 09 @ 8:06 am
DJ Hero may be a game, whilst DJ-ing in real life is not; but DJ Hero is a good start for those who cannot afford real turntables or even the Virtual DJ full version ($300!!!). I understand that for its quality, Virtual DJ is a reasonable offer. But many others, like me, can't afford it. Right now I play DJ Hero to get even a minor feel. I'm saving up my $14/week to buy a set and Virtual DJ. Loong time from now :( I'm 14 years old.

Inviato Wed 27 Oct 10 @ 4:44 pm
im 13 and dont have a controller yet or even dj hero,i have guitar hero but am saving up for the numark mixtrack pro,it has a built in soundcard or you could get just the mixtrack with no soundcard for £129 or the pro for £169
im gettin pro as it comes with virtual dj le where as the mixtrack comes with traktor which i find horrible

Inviato Wed 27 Oct 10 @ 7:23 pm
djrxmxPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Dev staff wrote :
Though it does support MIDI according to the posts online ... it is a toy.

Lol. That pretty much sums it up.

Inviato Thu 28 Oct 10 @ 11:10 pm
i would use anything that makes the job easier im using a x arcade controller for effects dj hero controller look pretty koo

Inviato Tue 21 Dec 10 @ 3:35 am
if i ever seen a "dj" in an event, club, party using a toy such as dj hero i would def. not take that person serious at all. being broke and not having money has nothing to do with it its a matter or professionalism. when i was 14 i saved up money i know, its un heard of now a days, and i bought a mixer and set of tt's. now you don't even need that. go buy a VMS4 for $400 + or - to get started or a numark total control and sound card etc. using DJ HERO for a controller, enough said.

Inviato Tue 21 Dec 10 @ 7:30 am
I agree with djsynystr 100%.

Don't get me wrong, you don't buy the gear for other people in order to look cool - you buy the gear for yourself; for your comfort and in order to improve your performance. I'm not saying that everybody should spend thousands on Pioneer/Denon/Allen&Heath gear like some of us do, but using some Fisher-Price toy like a DJ Hero controller is a sign that you have zero respect for yourself or your craft.

Inviato Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 3:19 am
ok well guys i have looked online for the last couple hours just tryin to find the HIMI and there is a program that will allow you to use the controller for it you just have to have a ASIO sound card. now my question is that is there anyway that i can make my normal sound card a ASIO sound card cheaply. I am a computer tech. and I am stumped so if anyone knows if that is possabile please let me know.

Inviato Tue 08 Feb 11 @ 7:35 pm
You can try ASIO4ALL which is an ASIO emulator for non-ASIO capable cards.

However, this will not give you true low latency sound, which is essential for fast scratch response (For use with a game controller that is not designed for proper DJ use, this may not matter.)

NOTE: You will need the full VirtualDJ Professional to be able to use timecode:

Timecode can be tried for 10 minutes at a time in Home FREE ( ), after which the software will revert back to mouse and keyboard control only until it is restarted.

Inviato Wed 09 Feb 11 @ 6:36 am
ollenHome userMember since 2011
interesting for me,thanks

Inviato Thu 10 Feb 11 @ 6:14 am
Where can I find this emulator?
I have already installed the ASIO Driver, but I can't find the DJ-Hero Emulator.

Inviato Tue 15 Mar 11 @ 11:46 am
There is no emulator - The emulator referred to is ASIO4ALL (, which emulates ASIO capabilities for non-ASIO capable sound cards.

This device cannot be used with VirtualDJ as far as we're aware. No user has made a mapping for it and because it is a toy game controller, it is not natively supported by VirtualDJ.

We would strongly recommend purchasing a proper DJ MIDI controller for use with VirtualDJ. There are many to choose from on the following page (Including cheap budget controllers for home/bedroom use.)

Inviato Wed 16 Mar 11 @ 6:25 am
It's incredibly disturbing to see this kind of attitude being exhibited by this user community. We are all viewed the exact same way by all the purists who stuck with the imprecise technologies of vinyl for as long as they possibly could before switching to, and closing their minds to everything but Serato. That is because the software we use, the one that can do everything serato and traktor can, do it just as well (in some cases, better) and do a fair few things the others can't is the one that is wrongly viewed as the "unprofessional toy". In their eyes, anyone who uses it isn't a "real" DJ (which is a term i absolutely despise) and deserves to be rediculed at every oppourtunity for their choice. Why should any member of our community be made to feel the same way by those who themselves recieve it for a different reason?

I happen to not have this mindset, and can see a very good use for this at gigs where no system is provided, and It isn't practical to bring my full DVS rig. I will say that i hardly ever scratch, so latency isn't as big an issue, but as I can't afford an A&H Xone 2D or a Denon SCD2000 at the moment, something like this would be a good temporary substitute.

I do wonder about three things though:

1) if this can be done in windows with wireless controllers such as for the wii version i have or the xbox 360 version.
(i've seen youtube vids on this, almost all using wii controllers, but most were with traktor and macs. one of the posts above me described a program that would allow control of at least wired controllers, but different programs, different platforms, different rules.)

2) if on the wii version, the buttons on the remote itself can be mapped as well

3) if there is any difference between the V2 and V1 controllers in their ability to do this. (i have a V1 Controller)

I hope that someone will be able to offer me advice on this other than BS about controller purity, and PM me if mappers and definition files are created.

Inviato Sun 11 Sep 11 @ 12:38 am
Bro just hit up EBay and buy a cheap controller, somethings you just can't take short cuts with and djing is one of those things..........

Inviato Sun 11 Sep 11 @ 12:54 am
mate know your sh!t before you comment on vinyl... you can't get any more precise than vinyl, it's a real motor pushing a cut in a peice of vinyl moving a real needle that gets amplified by speakers, it is only ever the user that was imprecise. The reason people hung on to vinly so long is that software programs couldn't offer the same perfection, now it has been surpassed by adding the ability to control the transport of songs in new ways, lock the key and store an entire collection of music on a laptop.

But as I have said before vinly was expensive $20 a peice "2 tracks" expensive not to mention the $2000 for decks and a mixer. this kept djing exclusive to those that loved everything about it and were willing to make the sacrifice to do it, now anyone can do it with a computer and it shows.

seriously don't bother with the dj hero controller, not only would I not take you seriously I woudn't let you play in a club... go on to ebay and pick up something second hand, the benifit of noobs is they usually sell their gear cheap when the dj FAD has passed and they start their new "thing"

Inviato Sun 11 Sep 11 @ 1:13 am
I've dealt with enough BS like this from Serato users (which i'm increasingly surprised you're not) to last a lifetime. If someone can give me actual advice and not preaching that makes me agree with deadmau5 even more on the majority of DJs, then talk to me. Do Not Feed The Trolls.

Inviato Sun 11 Sep 11 @ 5:19 pm
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