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Topic: Korg nano kontrol HELP....??
Could please someone give me a hand in mapping this controler....? Seems almost impossible..I BADLY need a mapper and a definition file..happy xmass to everybody

Inviato Mon 21 Dec 09 @ 6:02 am
If it doesn't respond, you might have to check the installation.

But I vote for this, some stuff I have found that might be your problem too:
By some reason, the default factory setting of nanokontrol sends "CC"-values for buttons. I can't understand why, but those seems impossible to recieve in VDJ from 6.0.2 and above.
Solution: use the software you got with nanokontrol and change so it sends "NOTE" values instead. Then map it.

I can't get it to answer SYSEX, so I think it's hard to get a working definition file. I just used the Simple Midi.

To map it I did this (VDJ 6.0.2) :
1. ->Config ->Mappers
2. Select Simple Midi
3. Press "Auto-learn button" in VDJ.
4. Now touch slider/button etc
5. Write VDJ function

I use it for sampler, and you could get my files, booth for VDJ and the nanokontrol settings file if you have the same purpose.
Then supply me your e-mail in a private post.

Inviato Mon 21 Dec 09 @ 8:08 am
thnxxx for the help...hope to make it work

Inviato Mon 21 Dec 09 @ 10:47 am
curiosaHome userMember since 2010
hey man, i have a trouble in midi mapping my nanokontrol ver.1 to VDJ 7, particularly in rw/ffw button, could you please help me? or maybe could you share your nanokontrol midi map?? thanks much :)

Inviato Mon 29 Aug 11 @ 1:25 pm
for the forward and reverse buttons you can use something like this..

forward - repeat 100ms & deck 1 goto +1
reverse - repeat 100ms & deck 1 goto -1

you can adjust the bold values to suit

Inviato Mon 29 Aug 11 @ 8:33 pm
curiosa wrote :
maybe could you share your nanokontrol midi map?? thanks much :)

plugins are reserved to registered users , Also sharing is not permitted on this forum

Inviato Tue 30 Aug 11 @ 3:04 pm
I have a problem. I use korg nanokontrol2 as a midi controller virtual dj 8, but how come the play, stop, and high-speed buttons make sync only function on a single deck??. help the solution

Inviato Tue 30 Apr 19 @ 9:24 am