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Topic: djDecks and virtual dj 8. now 5 years from purchased

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djrezioPRO InfinityMember since 2010
What happens if i purchased a copy of dj decks well now it has been 5 years and since its been almost 3 years that VDJ mentioned on the dj decks website that if you purchased the software in the past 3 years but due to the long release of vdj8 now has been a total of 5 years will i still get the upgrade for free??

Inviato Thu 27 Mar 14 @ 4:25 pm
You are showing as having a full VDJ license, which I assume was grandfathered over fro djdecks.

Therefore YES, you will get you free upgrade to V8.

Inviato Thu 27 Mar 14 @ 4:39 pm
For anyone else who reads this... you can't buy djdecks anymore, and there was a limit on the timeframe from the announcement that would give a free upgrade to VDJ8. The details are on the djdecks website, but I'm sure their community knows all about it.

Inviato Thu 27 Mar 14 @ 8:20 pm
Haui70PRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2008
right :-)

adionSoft is now part of the Atomix Productions family

Q) What will happen to djDecks now?
A) AdionSoft engineers and Atomix Productions engineers have been working together to write a new software from scratch.
The new software will be called VirtualDJ 8, but is in effect a merging of both code base, from djDecks 1.0 and from VirtualDJ 7.
So VirtualDJ 8 is for all purposes djDecks 2.0

Q) How can I get this new VirtualDJ 8?
A) If you bought djDecks in the past 3 years you will be given a FREE upgrade to the new VirtualDJ 8 (which otherwise costs $300) as soon as it is released.
If you bought djDecks more than 3 years ago, you will be given a discount for VirtualDJ 8.

Q) When will VirtualDJ 8 be ready
A) We believe that stability is more important than marketing deadlines, so we do not give ourselves deadlines. The software will be available when testers won't be able to find any single bug left.

Q) Will there be new versions of djDecks in the future?
A) All development efforts in the future will be devoted to the new VirtualDJ 8 and its sequels (VirtualDJ 9, etc).

Inviato Fri 28 Mar 14 @ 2:13 am
Soooooooooooo, when is Virtual DJ 9, coming out? Aaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.........wait a minute I have to catch my breath., when is Virtual DJ 9 coming out? Aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha.

Inviato Fri 28 Mar 14 @ 2:26 am

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