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Para cuando TellyMedia para Mac??

Inviato Tue 03 Apr 18 @ 12:24 pm
TeoTJPRO InfinityMember since 2007
ghostpolka wrote :
Hi, looks like a great plug-in, do you have any plans for a Mac version?



Inviato Wed 08 Aug 18 @ 1:22 am
same answer as before Teo - not anytime soon.

Inviato Sun 14 Oct 18 @ 1:38 am
My plugin Telly Media work on vdj 7.4.
When put a Video in Controller drag&drop ...then rejected this video....whats wrong?
Video Format mp4

Inviato Fri 18 Jan 19 @ 9:23 am
I installed TellyVisuals version 3.01 and TellyMedia version 1.97 on Virtual dj 8.4-64 b564 7. But after installing I cant find Telly media on video effects. Is simply not showing.

Inviato Fri 17 Apr 20 @ 1:07 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014

Inviato Fri 17 Apr 20 @ 2:26 am

I know the question was asked a long time ago, but things may have changed since ...

Would it be possible to have Telly Media & Telly Visuals in Mac version?

(the new Macs with M1 chip are very attractive to me ...).

Thank you in advance for your answers

Inviato Wed 17 Feb 21 @ 9:15 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Better ask Don directly (mail or facebook group)

Inviato Wed 17 Feb 21 @ 9:55 am
His email address no longer works and I don't have Facebook

Inviato Wed 17 Feb 21 @ 10:24 am
You can email me from the webpage.

I had a long post explaining things and accidentally hit some button on the browser and the post when missing. I will start it again shortly.

Inviato Fri 19 Feb 21 @ 8:36 pm
When EssentialVisuals and EssentialMedia were first introduced, we stated that there would be a Mac version depending on how well they did in Windows. Did not go well and no point in a business wasting anymore time here. Both Pangolin and Firetext left. I stayed because multimedia was my main thing way back and wanted to get back into it. This is also a perfect platform for something special. We have a world wide audience in the millions who want to be entertained. So there is a good match. But I knew I was gonna be poor and would be tough. Would have been so easy to just walk away. I had been talking to some of the DJ's and sort of worked out a base of things that would be good to do. Perfect I thought. TellyMedia and TellyVisuals became tools that did specific things in order to accomplish a bigger goal. Since that is the case they will be going away in favor of a new app / plugin. That's been clear in my mind since 6 months after we got here and have mentioned it several times over the years. It had to be that way in order to recoup loses by formalizing and using the code elsewhere. So since they are going away they won't be ported to a Mac.

Information about what I have been doing and future work

A new app is being developed. I did not stay here working for pennies to work on some weak program. Now it was not supposed to take this long. I work by myself with no one to consult or help like in the old days where we worked in teams and got things done effectively. It does not change my thinking though working by myself. I know what can be done. I have to work elsewhere also to pay bills.

Example of time spent. I spent 2 full years working with the linux people to help fix ffmpeg? That is the video decoding / encoding library developed by many people. When I got there it had many bugs. No way I could ship it. I thought I could just pick it up and start using it. I liked it though because I have the source code and if there is a problem I can fix it rather than waiting on them. I spent the 2 years finding, fixing, and reporting bugs. Doing this I become familiar with the ffmepg code. Just one of the many thankless task that you end up doing as a programmer. The av.dll library was written to provide a clean interface to ffmpeg and to decode and display audio and video. Also handles cameras, images, cdg, etc. No way do you want an app to have to interface directly to ffmpeg. This also so means I can hook into another video library as I see fit.

About 2 years ago I added panels to the av.dll similar to the panels in TellyVisuals. Just a basic implementation to get the structure in place and did not use them much. About 6 months ago I made them into something that can take us into the future. Panels in the av.dll can contain any graphic element including videos, images, text, and other panels. They can also contain multiple of each type. They can automatically do slide shows as well. Panels can take instructions that allow them to automatically fly around, scale, rotate, color change, change shape, and more. They also have a new way of resizing that I have not seen used before anywhere. This allows very accurate placement when panels change size. Panels can have many nested panels or other graphic elements. When resized, the app does not worry about as it is all automatic.

For years I had to imagine this in my mind. About 6 months ago, I was finally able to see it for real. It is better than I expected it to be. I created an app just for kicks and had it do many crazy things to show power. I than created a simple pong game with 2 computer players. This is not a game engine but the pong game has to make decisions on it's own like keep score, decide where the ball is, decide where to hit the ball, and decide when the game is over. So this exercise was about decision making that we will need.

What about the Mac. You all worry about a version of this for a Mac. I worry about getting all this power into an app. As things are developed though they are being developed with portability in mind. This by itself does not automatically make it Mac compatible but it is a big step in that direction. The graphics handling has been put it into a library called DisplayDevisce, takes care of all those details. An app does not have to worry about what graphics is in use etc. Currently handles DirectX 9. DirectX 9Ex, DirectX 11, and OpenGL. This is just an example as there is much more.

This is just my opinion of Apple and the Mac. It has nothing to do with my stuff working on a Mac. When the first Apple Mac came out I was in love with it. Black and white graphics and all. Used the best micro processor of the time, the Motorola 68000. The PC processors used the CPM OS and the Intel 8080, 8085, 8088, and the Zilog Z80. The Z80 was compatible with the Intel chips but more powerful. Then IBM came out with the IBM pc and msdos. At the time, I worked for a company that had office space in an IBM building. Because of that, we had access to early IBM pcs. There was more than just the msdos machine. The msdos machine was based on an Intel 8088. They also had a Motorola 68000 machine. I was disappointed that the main IBM pc was based on the 8088. Did not know why they choose the 8088 at the time but found out that IBM was able to buy 30 percent of Intel and probably the reason why.

Then Microsoft starts creating Windows and I get the chance to work with it. This was before it came out. Apple's OS was proprietary and Windows was going to be created to work on any hardware. A lofty goal. The company I worked for created the first app for Windows before Windows was even available to the general pubic. We could do this because MS created a Windows runtime for us so the end user did not have to have Windows installed to use our application. We also did drivers for Windows and interfaced a lot with MS,

Windows becomes available to the public with a 2 button mouse. The Mac had a 1 button mouse. People found the 2 button mouse very convenient for many things. In the meantime, Apple tried to defend it's use of a one button mouse saying it was easier and it's is all you need. Just hype. It is not about all you need. It can be more convenient and ease of use is not even in the equation. After many years of trying to defend it I guess they just gave up. Many companies start creating hardware for Windows and many companies start creating apps for Windows. The end user base for Windows starts to climb and starts to surpass Apple. Apple was using the Motorola 9000 chips and most Windows PCs used the Intel chips. Then Intel came out with 386 chip. It changed everything. MS came out with Windows 3 to take advantage of the 386.Multi threading, 32 bit, no more memory sandbars etc. Apple was left in the dust. We were porting our multi-media runtime engine to Mac at the time and we were working with Apple just a bit to get some answers. The 386 had greatly surpassed their hardware and I was somewhat convinced Apple was on the way out. Fortunately for Apple, Steve Jobs came to the rescue.

Where does Apple OS vs Windows OS stand today? I have a Mac sitting right next to me. Mostly gathering dust. I use a 2 button mouse with it lol. When I first fired it up, I see the scroll bars have no arrows. While I will use the mouse wheel. Wow that really sucks. Can't scroll a list in a way that is useful. I find out how to turn on the arrows but Apple still has a stupid way of managing scrolling as the system default and there is no way to change it with the system tools. How dumb is that I am thinking. MS Excel works correctly because MS used common sense and created their own list and scrollbars. I also find Apple OS to be clumsy. I see Apple claiming to be the most powerful OS in the world. Well gee, they can't seem to get the most basic things right and Apple OS only runs on their hardware while Windows can run anywhere. Windows has it's share of problems but MS has always been very particular about the user interface elements.

I looked around for comparisons of the Apple M1 and while looks pretty good it's comparisons seemed to be against older Intel chips and older GPUs. The M1 GPU falling somewhere between the NVIDIA 1050 and the NVIDIA 1060 as far as I can tell. I use the 1060 and while it is quite adequate it is starting to fall at the low end of current GPUs. My research was limited and seemed to be lots of hype in the way,

Next post will be more to the point... I promise :)


Inviato Sun 21 Feb 21 @ 8:33 am