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Topic: Black Friday - VDJ Colored Timecodes 50% off
Are 50% off!!

Better grab them before the sale quits.....

Inviato Fri 24 Nov 17 @ 4:04 am

Inviato Fri 24 Nov 17 @ 11:00 am
bigron1PRO InfinityMember since 2010
Thanks..the fun goes on !

Inviato Sat 25 Nov 17 @ 2:19 am
DJ CyderPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2003
Sale extend to "cyber" Monday!

Inviato Sun 26 Nov 17 @ 11:25 am
Woooo! Just bought 2 white ones.

Inviato Mon 27 Nov 17 @ 2:34 pm
bigron1PRO InfinityMember since 2010
Hm..I was happy with plain black.
I'm really looking forward to experimenting with timecode vinyl.
The cost for two was £20 including UK postage.

Inviato Mon 27 Nov 17 @ 4:51 pm
Got mine today and they look great!!

Just wanna shout out the team and Jason for the awesome surprise I found in my box!

Thanks fellas!!

Inviato Tue 28 Nov 17 @ 12:18 am