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Topic: Automatically Jump to Cue "X"?
Hello all,

I've been looking around hoping for an answer to my question but can't seem to find any. I have also checked the user manual and couldn't seem to find the answer there either.

I'm looking for a way for VDJ to reach a certain point in a track I'm playing, then automatically jump to a pre-defined cue point I have set up, whether it's further along in the track or back to an earlier point. If what I'm asking for isn't exactly clear, think of a "prepare loop" type of functionality, but instead it's just a cue.

Thanks in advance for your help! :)

Inviato Sat 21 Jul 18 @ 7:57 pm

Inviato Sat 21 Jul 18 @ 8:18 pm
Perfect! Thank you! This was exactly what I was looking for!

For anyone wondering what I did to make this work, I added an "Action" point in the POI Editor with the macro action "goto_cue x". Essentially "Auto Cue" from my method of understanding. Makes transitions smoother and nearly hands-free

Inviato Sun 22 Jul 18 @ 6:54 pm
No, that's not 'essentially auto-cue'
If you want auto-cue, there's also an option for that. Set the "autoCue" option to "cue" and set hot_cue 1. Now when you load a track, the track will always load from cue 1.

Inviato Mon 23 Jul 18 @ 10:01 am