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Topic: licensing
JOSHJWHome userMember since 2019
I am paying for the idj pool and I thought this would allow me to mix music but every 10 mins it stops the music. Then asks me to pay for a pro licence at $19. Is this on top of the £9.99 per month or does the $19 include all music? Please can you help

Inviato 7 days ago @ 9:18 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
idjpool is ENTIRELY separate from vdj software licence, the 10 minutes is a hardware trial with vdj, If you use vdj to make money you need a pro licence or a pro subscription.
If you don't use vdj to make money then you could get a home plus licence but they are a short sighted solution [linked to one piece of hardware]

I changed your thread title as the one you used was non-descriptive

Inviato 7 days ago @ 9:40 pm