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Topic: Searching is stuck tells me Get Status - Page: 1
so I was having last 2 weekends issues and now its worse.. I also tried database delete dead links isn there a database maintance like there was in 7?

when I search for a song... it sits there "Searching" more then 10 min I have to close the program.. when I put the mouse over Searching all it says is "Get Status"
and I updated to the latest version
i don't have any online subscriptions for vdj to connect to.. so how come its not searching the database?
also i noticed the files it searchs keeps changing if i type in say Pizza it will list my 200k of songs its like doing a *.*
and its stuck in Searching mode

also if i try to cancel the search by trying X in search or trying to virtual Folder just to get it out of the loop.. it wont.. it is stuck

Inviato Sat 30 May 20 @ 10:06 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Which search fields do you have enabled?

Inviato Sun 31 May 20 @ 6:21 am
search current folder
search all local folder


its been going crazy too.. as if I type word "test" it actually does a "*" and lists 220k files and sticks on Searching
then it will work or 15 min of sitting at "Searching" I close it and restart it... and its just acting up
I even ran the database search and delete missing links... and it seems to be missing files I had in there I have to re add it cant find files I know I have so I gonna re batch add to database.. I just dunno whats going on

Inviato Sun 31 May 20 @ 7:38 pm
so i tried the beta version tonight you had to me test in the other topic i had..
still locks up on the searching and Browsing.. last saturday the software completly crashed but was still playing it froze for 20 min i waited as i was recording to the hard drive and didnt wanna loose it the display stopped spinning and such after 20 min of hanging it quit itself and reloaded the softwar.. i got lucky it still saved the mix i made
after playing a 3 hour set

tonight it was working for a while the odd freeze searching after 2 hours of play at 3 hour mark Searching was Freezing totally.. i couldnt exit out of it.. i clicked on a different folder.. and it stuck on "Browsing" it was still browsing after i findished broadcasting and recording to the hard drive.. i closed the program to kill it.. the "browsing" was stuck on for 15 min before i closed it.. so was working not too bad a first but then was going down hill hour after hour till the end and she was not respoding just stuck at searching...

Inviato Sun 14 Jun 20 @ 5:58 am
so I updated to the latesty virtual dj it asked me today.. and freezing up was just as bad well worse
after an hour of djing it starting going wonky with the datebase… then it got stuck for 1hr 40 min on "Browsing" I was not able to get out of it.. I forgot to take a pic of the time start and near the end.. I took a pic at the 1 hour 30 mark. so I had to do all the searching from Windows File Explorer and slide it into Virtual DJ... it would still play
but the damn "browsing" was stuck first it was stuck at Searching... and then browsing.. how can I fix this? I also have done the clean database... and then re add songs to the database
but whats going on is there something to test? why is it sticking in a endless loop.. and can there be an add on to force virtual dj to stop like a Control C to escape out of the loop like in Linux or so.... but I don't know why after an hour it then starts going wonky... did I search too many songs.. or what..
how can I fix it? sorry I didn't take better screen shots

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 5:53 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
"June" is a folder, virtual folder or playlist?

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 8:59 am
I see there's file date enabled in the browser too...

MC Pimpin you need to disable file date from the browser, because it will slow search down.

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 9:12 am
June is a virtual Folder for this month.. has like 30 files in it
so displaying file date slows it down? I can turn that off.. anything else
everytime I load up virtual dj now too it tells me There is a problem its taking longer to load

I clean the database several times even the dead links are filter shows like 38 dead links yet there is still lots more in virtual folders.. the cleaning only cleaned the Database..

but with the file date wouldn't it be slow at the beginning too.. but it wasn't really.. well a little Searching... would take some seconds longer... just not over an hour hanging. I got lucky I could wing it.. File Explorer and I just set BPM in the search.. and I could file search and slide into virtual dj … just database search craps out.. and when you select current folder and the other option slips my mind is it searching the database or my music folder...…

anything I can else do... I didn't wanna keep clicking screen in case the vdj went to a white screen of not responding..
if I even try to click other virtual folders.. the browsing word will flicker but will be stuck and the status somestimes changed to the new virtual folder... even ones that I know had 5 songs in the virtual folder hung the software.... its like its stuck in a do loop and it doesn't know how to get out of it

I just loaded up virtual dj and froze the software by searching "\\" didn't hit enter and now I cant get the search I removed couple search displays but she stuck
so from starting and just typing in the search.. screen capture and posting this... 20 min has gone by and its still stuck in the search.. I thinking something wrong inside my database or maybe there is a corrupt virtual folder inside as you guys only have a database cleaner/repair not a virtual folder repair..
and I don't wanna delete database as id loose all my cue points..

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 1:03 pm
oh and I have mentioned this issue over past few years from transitioning from VDJ 7....
I had delt with tech support the issues came and gone of the freezing.. just now its really bad and hanging a lot longer
but no database/virtual folder repair to find any corrupt data inside

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 1:08 pm
so I closed the program and reloaded it... I disabled everything but Title and Artist.. but you can see in the display it only Shows Title doesn't show artists..
and I tried the "\\" just to type no hitting enter.. and it stuck in the Searching mode

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 1:21 pm
im thinking there must be something corrupt in my virtual folders or the database maybe

say if the software says Search for 1 or 0 but for some reason the field doesn't have 1 or 0 but as a 2.. and the software is stuck in an endless loop as it cant find 1 or a 0

ill try again today.. ill move the Virtual folders out.. so it will only load the Database and no virtual folders

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 1:25 pm
so I just tried now

I renamed the Virtual DJ Folders Folder to something else so it wouldn't load the Virtual Folders
I typed in Test and it stuck in an Endless Searching loop and no files from the database
actually it went into endless loop by me just press "T" for the word test

I closed program reloaded I disabled all the search except title as you see and its stuck in searching loop

only should be searching the 2 database's 1 is 5 meg in my documents folder I still need to process lost links... and the under 200 meg database file on my X: I moved everything to.. and its on an Enterprise 12TB hard drive 7200rpm 512meg cache so plenty of speed etc

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 1:37 pm
and while in endless loop you see the tabs on the left like Local Music etc are unclickable they are frozen
well you can Click on the 4.. you just cant Expand them.. they locked

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 1:39 pm
You can edit your posts, you know. You don't need to keep making new posts every time you want add something!

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 1:42 pm
now im in and endless browsing when I clicked on local drives to expand it like I mentioned

sorry about that ill edit

update 1.
I copied the 2 database files so I have a backup.. and now doing a clean database for missing files thng

update 2.
I forgot to add the reason I did the "\\" in search I noticed other day one of my file paths showed up like "\\?\x:"
so I was try to find itmust be saved in the virtual folders like that

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 1:43 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
What is the size of your database.xml ?
(although 200000 songs should not really be a problem)

Since it was stuck on the June virtual folder earlier, any chance this contains broken links?
Perhaps links to a network share that might be very slow?

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 1:54 pm
Documents Folder Database is 5 meg
X: drive is 181 meg

no my network is fast.. and I have no issues with File Explorer searching and just sliding it in Virtual dj.. as I mentione last night it was stuck for 1 hr 45 min or so.. yet I was doing file searches no problem in Windows File Explorer..
plus I had this same issue with USB hard drive working at the bar I have had tickets to tech support things to try but nothings ever fixed things really..

and I have tried over the past changing different drives .. I thinking its just a guess least vdj7 had a repair database I think I cant remember now

as for the june folder no it wasn't dead links.. I had Searched for a song name.. and it couldn't find it.. So I tried clicking on my virtual folder for June 2020 and then stuck as it wouldn't get out of the endless loop.. its all new file links in the june folder.. just new released songs..
once its stuck in the loop you can click on anything but its stays stuck doing whatever its stuck in
but does the Database search for missing links removal only do missing links or does it also repair any corrupted data that is in the database possibly that gliching it.
I thought it was my virtual folders glitching.. but you can see no virtual folders.. and its hanging on the database

update 1.
I have switched from different HD enclosures. different brands of Hard drives, Usb speeds up to USB C and it always hung up at the club I was working at last year..
I also figured it was the virtual folders but I thinking something wrong in the database... as I noticed today its even worse on the hanging and now it hangs no virtual folders.. ill try again after the database searching missing links is done only 50% done

update 2
so it did the 100% clean no change it looks like.. I tried to search it froze.. I did a reboot and its doing another download update
8.5-64 b5926 currently using this version

once its done downloading ill retest.. it seems more updates my locking up is getting worse.. its getting more sensitive must be something in there that has invalid info
like I mentioned the "\\?:x" location I noticed

update 3
I did the search "*" with 5928 version and still locked up frozen

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 2:02 pm
guessing after so long you cant edit your post so I had to do another..

update 4.
I closed the program. restarted.. instead of searching.. I just went to Local Disks and recurse the music folder it least can do that ok.. displays the files
so I waiting for it to process I re did "add to search database " my music collection folder.. to see if it will lock up

I still have the Virtual Folders removed its just the 2 Database's 181meg (X:) and the 5 meg (Documents)

update 5.
so after the add to search database.. I did "*" and in past used to be instant... now its also frozen
its stuck in Sorting endless loop now.. its been about 10 min that its stuck in this mode.
after 10 min I reloaded and I tried "Coolio" for a search its now locked up been 5 min at this screen
I have no tried yet removing both database's for the time being and re add the music from scratch.. guess ill test that.. because in the end I don't wanna loose all my cue points

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 3:09 pm
I reckon the quickest solution is for you to send Adion a link to your database(s) so he can take a look through for any issues.

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 3:30 pm
how do I do that no option to upload database just pics

Inviato Sun 21 Jun 20 @ 3:43 pm
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