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Topic: crash right after opening - Page: 1

im using the latest build and a pioneer controller plugged into a windows laptop.

whenever i open the software (happenes both with controller on and off) vdj straight crashes. the mouse cursor keeps spinning and if i click anywhere the programms dead.

i tried installing various older builds, but non of them work.

please, does anyone have a solution for this?

Inviato Mon 01 Jun 20 @ 7:16 pm
Close VDJ, rename your documents>virtualdj> settings.xml file to settings.xml.old and restart VDJ.

See if that helps.

Inviato Mon 01 Jun 20 @ 7:36 pm
wow, that was easy.
thank you for your help.

though, all of my settings, and i had a lot customized, are all gone now.
can i get them back somehow?

Inviato Tue 02 Jun 20 @ 5:34 am
Looks like something in the original settings file was causing the crash. If you're any good with XML editing you can cut out the cusomised settings from the old file and replace in the new one.

There's no easy fix although one of the devs here may be willing to have a look and see if they can fix it.

Inviato Tue 02 Jun 20 @ 6:28 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
There is one crash logged which appears to be the DDJ-RR asio driver crashing.

Inviato Tue 02 Jun 20 @ 7:20 am
i updated the driver yesterday.

Inviato Tue 02 Jun 20 @ 7:30 am
fixed the settings, as i could remember most of them.
some minor ones are out the window, but thats not a big deal.

thank you for your quick help.

Inviato Tue 02 Jun 20 @ 7:44 am
No problem, glad you are sorted!

Inviato Tue 02 Jun 20 @ 8:42 am
Ok so now you've got the settings as required, and it's working - save a copy of that settings file, so that if anything happens again, you can go back to it without needing to reconfigure as well.

Inviato Tue 02 Jun 20 @ 8:46 am
oh yes, i will immediately.

thank you very much!

Inviato Tue 02 Jun 20 @ 1:06 pm
so i did a copy, but now it crashes again right after opening.

i saw that vdj automatically created a new settings.xml file.
can i adjust my settings, so that it only pulls information from my yesterdays xml file?

Inviato Wed 03 Jun 20 @ 5:37 am
You can just overwrite with the saved one.

Looks like there's a deeper issue here though .......

Inviato Wed 03 Jun 20 @ 5:57 am
ya, think so too.

how do i overwright?

Inviato Thu 04 Jun 20 @ 4:34 am
Yes, there's certainly an issue...

How did you make a copy of the new, non-crashing settings.xml (explain step by step)?

Inviato Thu 04 Jun 20 @ 7:10 am
well, i just hit ctrl+c & ctrl+v.
was that not the way i was supposed to copy it?

Inviato Fri 05 Jun 20 @ 5:47 am
No, that's fine. I'm just trying to figure out how making a copy seemingly resulted in VDJ not working again.

When you asked how to overwrite a file, I feared the worst.

Inviato Fri 05 Jun 20 @ 7:10 am
okay, so is ther a way to adjust the settings to always load the copy that works?
or maybe that one will be crashing too again.

Inviato Fri 05 Jun 20 @ 7:43 am
VDJ uses the file called settings.xml, so if you want VDJ to use another file, you have to rename the other file from whatever you called it, back to settings.xml.

Inviato Fri 05 Jun 20 @ 7:49 am
unfortunately also the new settings file stopped working.
im really curious whats going on here.

should i maybe deinstall vdj completely and install it new?

Inviato Tue 09 Jun 20 @ 7:38 am
It seems to me that one of the settings you're changing is causing the problem, because when you allowed VDJ to create a fresh settings.xml it was working.

I can only assume you've been gradually resetting things back to your preferred choices, and now it's falling over again.

So, the backup of the settings.xml I suggested you make when you'd configured it (earlier in this thread) should still be OK, yes?

Inviato Tue 09 Jun 20 @ 10:59 am
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