I am know here as a skin maker, always trying to please YOU my dear fellows !

Keep up the good work !


DjMiamisalsa scritto Thu 02 Mar 17
hey fruit thank you for the great skin ,I have a problem anytime I use search a song the songs are browser zoom is activated how can I avoid that ,before was not like that ,and with the default skin is not happening ,thank you for your help .AMILCAR .Dj Miami
Fruit scritto Thu 02 Feb 17
Hehe cool ! don't forget to give your feedback after the gig ! ^^
AsTheDJ+ scritto Wed 01 Feb 17
OUTstanging WORK your NEW 8+ Skin it WORK very well last night LIVE on the Radio doing my set,I'm push it HARD this weekN doing my 3GiGs on the Road..on this weekN..Thanks Dj
Thomas M scritto Thu 14 Jul 16
Salut Poto : très bien ta skin je me régale. Fais signe !
jbezz scritto Fri 10 Jun 16
I see there was an update to your skin on Thu 09 Jun 16 @ 1:21 pm. Can you please advise what changes were made with this update! Thank you sir!
Fruit scritto Thu 02 Jun 16
Regarde tes messages privés vieille branche -_-
Thomas M scritto Thu 31 Mar 16
Salut Fruit ! C'est Thomas ça fait très longtemps qu on s'est perdus de vue. Tu vas bien ? On se capte en MP ou ailleurs ?
rushilgaurav scritto Wed 09 Dec 15
Hi can you help me as I am new in djing I can use numark mixdeck express with virtual dj 8 infinity need skin as nothing is working on software from my controller
djsampamix scritto Mon 07 Sep 15
Hey also think your is the best, also i would like to see the vu meter working on scratch panel.
mldmaxx scritto Tue 10 Mar 15
hello. i use your skin and i think it's the best ever but i have a problem. the vu meters does not work on scratch and video mode. do you have a solution? thanks
martingirard69 scritto Wed 25 Feb 15
Hi again fruit,i have read the forum and i found my answer,how do i know that 0.7 version is out.Si je comprend bien tu es francais,je suis canadien francais de montreal donc on peux echanger en francais.

J'ai lu les échanges que tu as eu avec d'autres amis et si je comprend bien le probleme serait résolue a la sortie de la version 0.7,comment savoir que cette version est disponible quand elle le sera.

Merci a l'avance
martingirard69 scritto Wed 25 Feb 15
Hi fruit i love your skins but i can`t get the vu to word properly when i'm in 4 deck layout,is there something i can do,
Smiddy101 scritto Tue 28 Oct 14
Hi, i would like to know how does the licences work because i have a license for the Gemini Firstmix PRO but it strarted to give me trouble so i took it back to the store i purchesed it from in order fro them to exchange it or me they did not have any of the same controllers in stock and were not sure if they would have any coming soon so they gave me the NumarkPRO2 now i would like to know do i have to get a new license because i baught ther licence about a month ago and i really cant afford to just spend so much i really enjoy this program it keeps me busy for hours and i know thatyou will be able to assist me and i willhighly appreciate it thank you
jbezz scritto Sun 14 Sep 14
Hi, Hopefully you can help me. I am using you skin VirtualDJ 8 by FRUiT and while I'm on the scratch screen one of the pull down menus has an option to show something called "Beat phaser" under the scratch waveforms. Can you tell me what the beat phaser is supposed to show me? Thanks You!