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locodog wrote :
that someone is me :), my video.

While writing I suspected it was you who did it since you mentioned you were working on it before....hopefully this can be integrated into the default skin and used with controller mappings.

Inviato Sun 16 Jan 22 @ 2:38 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
@DJ VinylTouch
controller mapping is the easy bit, it always was, the skin won't ever get a atomix endorsed release [needs an invisible deck]
talk to me in pm with your specifics, but this is a few beers kind of commission.

Inviato Sun 16 Jan 22 @ 4:55 am
locodog wrote :
@DJ VinylTouch
controller mapping is the easy bit, it always was, the skin won't ever get a atomix endorsed release [needs an invisible deck]
talk to me in pm with your specifics, but this is a few beers kind of commission.

1) So I use a pioneer DJM S9, which has a weird mapping for software effects button (only the top three hardware buttons are used).
I want to map it so that:
1a) All 6 hardware buttons are used to select sofware fx instead of just the top 3
1b) The paddles control the routing (left paddle = deck 1, right paddle = deck 2)

2) I'm considering switching to a rane seventy-two mk2 (I don't own but I have access currently). It's software FX mapping requires the left side of effects to be set to deck 1 and right side to deck 2. It can also layer a hardware effect on the selected deck two.

I want to be able to:
2a) use the deck fx selector on the screen (1 or 2) to select which deck the sofware effect should apply to (rather than being restricted to a side as the mapping is currently)
2b) additionally use the deck select for the hardware effect too

In theory should be possible to direct the left + right software fx + left + right hardware fx to either or both decks...the natural ability provided by the device interface.

Inviato Tue 18 Jan 22 @ 4:01 pm
I would like to have the possibility of editing Color FX and Release FX, as well as editing other effects with their respective panels.

Inviato Sat 26 Feb 22 @ 7:50 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
@Cool Angel D.J. can be done now

effect_show_gui 'colorfx'
effect_show_gui 'releasefx'

Inviato Sat 26 Feb 22 @ 8:11 pm
locodog wrote :
@Cool Angel D.J. can be done now

effect_show_gui 'colorfx'
effect_show_gui 'releasefx'

Thanks I will try it now because I assigned the "parameter" knob of the RZX, which was originally left free, for changing the color fx and it works very well, but I couldn't see the panels to understand which command it was best to assign it to! ^_^

Inviato Sun 27 Feb 22 @ 12:09 am
Stereo Balance, like before! Not only panning Left/Right. I need to route one channel (e.g. left) to both outputs Left and Right. That's important for multiplexed karaoke videos, there the voice is (mostly) on the right. This technique is used in asian countries, but some english footage karaoke videos are also designed so.
Asian software karaoke players can simply switch that with one button (e.g. * )

Inviato Sun 06 Mar 22 @ 4:33 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

Inviato Sun 06 Mar 22 @ 4:38 pm
Seems like this is the best location for this request:

Please could you Echo (at the very least) for "Vocals color fx" to worrk post FX, as the vocal stems current ly works when you isolate the vocal stems and apply echo and then cross fade to the other deck with vocal echo still working (wonderfully). If I use the Vocal color effects (which is very handy) then it currently does not work, but I cannot see why it would not be possible (certainly on my 5600x)?

(as per )

If this is a question of CPU, then perhaps adding an option for "enable advanced effects": [min spec 2022 ] would allow you to tier this requirement as computer get more powerful.

Inviato Mon 07 Mar 22 @ 4:54 pm
Is there a way to use the same fx sidebyside, but with different beats, so, for example. I want the Echo out fx. One with 2, then 4 and 8 beats in the 3fx section, for example deck 1, i can only choose one (different) . It changes to the same beat, when i change the amount of counts. So, no same fx side by side, with different beats. Why?

I hope, u could follow. Haha. Thank yall ❤️

Inviato Tue 08 Mar 22 @ 9:28 pm
I noticed that the color fx filter is not actually active when it is selected. It seems that the old default filter already present before the introduction of virtual dj color fx is the main one.
Even opening the panel with effect_show_gui 'colorfx' you notice that the color fx filter is off but the virtual dj default filter works.
I would like to always use the colorf fx filter and that the command is_using "filter" could become is_using 'colorfx "so that all the color fx are autonomous and differentiated from the effects of the decks, in fact I have not been able to use the live video too skins that the color fxs are associated with the effects of the decks in the written commands and this involves some programming difficulties if you want to make changes.

Thanks for the attention of our great team


Inviato Sun 17 Apr 22 @ 12:25 pm
hi every one , i remember an audio fx : riaa 2, did we lost or it have a new name, it a fonction very interesting , to plug sound card on phono way in the table. I have the old application, but i don't see were it could be.
some people tell me to ask here.

Inviato Tue 02 Aug 22 @ 8:57 pm
gvastePRO InfinityMember since 2019
i wish a better implementation on VSTs, being able to load vst3 plugins, the possibility to set LFOs and automations for handling plugins controls.

Inviato Sat 06 Aug 22 @ 2:25 am
gvaste wrote :
better implementation on VSTs

There certainly needs to be an improvement on how VSTs are accessed/installed in VDJ.

Every other product I have that uses VSTs, looks in the default system directory for them, then supplies a list of VSTs it found, from which the user can select which ones to enable.

This would be a vast improvement to the current non-standard method of having to navigate with a file browser to the VST directory, then manually copying the VST dll file to the VDJ folder (for each individual VST one by one).

This is how Maschine displays VSTs:


Inviato Sat 06 Aug 22 @ 8:20 am