Hardware Manuals

Denon DJ - MC-4000 - Layout  


  1. CROSSFADER. Blends audio between the left and right decks

  2. VOLUME. Use these faders to adjust the Volume of each deck.

  3. VU METERS The Led Meters indicate the Output Level of each deck

  4. CUE/PFL. Press these buttons to send this deck's pre-fader signal to the Cue Channel for monitoring. When engaged, the button will be lit.

  5. FILTER. Use these knobs to apply a High/Low Pass Filter on the left/right decks.

  6. EQ LOW. Adjusts the low (bass) frequencies of each deck.

  7. EQ MID. Adjusts the middle (mid) frequencies of each deck

  8. EQ HIGH. Adjusts the high (treble) frequencies of each deck

  9. GAIN. Adjusts the audio level (gain) of the corresponding deck

    * Note: The device is offering Full Stems controls. See details at EQ Modes