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Q: How can I backup my VirtualDJ Database

It's very important that you backup your VirtualDJ database on a regular basis so that you do not lose the information contained in it if your computer is damaged, lost or stolen, or its hard disk fails, gets corrupted, wiped by a virus, etc.

Your VirtualDJ database contains BPM, comments and other information for your songs.

VirtualDJ 8 stores track’s information and creates Database files on each Hard Drive separately.

  • Main Database
    For the tracks stored in the primary internal (C:) Drive, VirtualDJ creates a database.xml file (to store information about its tracks such as BPM, HotCues, Key etc) and a VirtualDJ folder to save information for your created Favorite, Virtual and Filter folders in the following location:

    Windows: C:\Users\{Username}\MyDocuments\VirtualDJ folder
    Mac OS: /Users/{Username}/MyDocuments/VirtualDJ folder

  • Additional Drive Databases
    For tracks stored in any other Internal or External Hard Drives, VirtualDJ 8 creates for each Drive a VirtualDJ folder to save the database.xml and information for your created Favorite, Virtual and Filter folders in the following location:

    Windows: {Drive Letter}:\VirtualDJ folder
    Mac OS: /Volumes/VirtualDJ folder

How it works …
For versatility and flexibility, VirtualDJ‘s database system segments the database to each drive attached to the system. The data is stored in the database files. VirtualDJ 8 analyzes the data about the sound track, song length, BPM, key, etc., relative path to the file stored on the drive.
The split database design provides users of external hard drives the ability to COLD or HOT SWAP drives between single and/or multiple systems. This allows for multiple DJs of a club, venue, or mobile setup to utilize a single VirtualDJ installation and not have different logins in order to maintain separate, unique databases to each DJ. The DJ can just walk in, plug in the external device, and begin playing.

Username : As you notice from the paths that VirtualDJ uses, the {username} is critical. This means that if you need to backup your database from a C Drive of one computer and restore the same database to another computer, your tracks may not carry its info, since the database will be looking at an non-existing path. In this case please see ... Transfer To A New Computer


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