Turn off auto sync

Q. My songs keep trying to automatically synchronise to the other deck even though I don't press SYNC. How can I stop this?

If you find that VirtualDJ keeps trying to automatically sync your songs each time you press PLAY, then you may have turned on 'smart play'. This is the small padlock icon above the PLAY button on the default VirtualDJ v7 skin. If it's lit orange, click on it to turn it off.

Or beatlock may be turned on (SYNC button on the default skins is lit permanently.) In earlier versions of the software, this was mapped to 'B' by default and was easy to trigger by accident. It is now mapped to SHIFT+B by default. If it's on, turn it off by pressing its shortcut. If it's mapped to B then you should change its key via CONFIG -> Mappers -> Keyboard to SHIFT+B to avoid accidental triggering.

When loading a song, by default the BPM will be matched with the other deck. If you are using an external MIDI controller, this will also mean that the pitch slider will no-longer respond until you move it to the correct position as indicated on the on-screen skin. If you prefer to manually beat match, disable the following in CONFIG -> Options: Auto Pitch Matching and Pitch Reset on Load

You can turn off smart play, smart cue and beatlock by mapping a key to the follows:

deck left smart_play off & deck left smart_cue off & deck left beatlock off & deck right smart_play off & deck right smart_cue off & deck right beatlock off

This will turn off the auto beat matching features for the current selected left and right decks. Please instructions on how to map a shortcut, please see How do I map a keyboard shortcut.

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